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Honolulu, Hi Driving School In Person Only

State of Hawaii DOT Certified, Pass your driver's license with reliance.

                                                                  EZ1 DRIVING, LLC (B​usiness since 2016)  Address: 3045 Ala Napuaa Place #709 Cell: (808) 783-1906  Email: [email protected]

A. Teen's Driver Education Course Consist of Three Phases

    Phase 1: Student must successfully complete 30 hours of Classroom Instruction (6 weeks)

    Phase 2: Student must successfully complete 6 hours of Behind the Wheels (BTW) Instruction (6-8 weeks)

    Phase 3: Student must complete the 50 hours form supervise driving log (40 hours days/10 hours nights). Student's 

                     Parent/Legal Guardian must NOTARIZED the affidavit verifying the student has at least 50 hours of 

                     driving with licensed driver 21 years old or older. The completed notarized affidavit must be

                     submitted to the BTW instructor in exchange for the BTW certificate of completion. Affidavit will

                     be retained by Instructor.

B. Teen's Driving School Agreement (Fill in application and email it back)


Road Test Requirements:

 1. Completed btw/classroom Certificates

 2. Hold Permit 6 months - No moving violations

 3. Must provide car with a valid:

    - auto insurance

    - safety check

    - registration

 4. License driver 21 years old or older

 5. Road test appointment (