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Honolulu, Hi Driving School In Person Only

State of Hawaii DOT Certified, Pass your driver's license with reliance.

                                                                  EZ1 DRIVING, LLC (B​usiness since 2016)  Address: 3045 Ala Napuaa Place #709 Cell: (808) 783-1906  Email: [email protected]

1. What is the minimum age a teen student can start drivers education?

      Minimum age is 15 1/2 years old.

2. If a student is 18 years old, can I just go to the DMV to take the road test with out taking the drivers Ed?


3. If a student is between 15 1/2 to 18 years old, is it required to take the drivers ed?

    Yes (classroom and BTW).

4. When is a student under 18 years old eligible to take the road test?

    - Must provide the original State of Hawaii Drivers Ed certifications (btw & classroom) completed.

    - completed 6 months after passed the permit written test and NO MOVING VIOLATION/S.

    - Road Test appointment at Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).