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Here are some experience from my students, currently ranging from 18years old to 62 yrs old.  You are never too old to start.  Stay tuned for more postings...

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Very glad to have Uncle Marlo as my driving instructor. Definitely would not have passed on the first try if it was not for his help. I learned so much about driving in such little time and it was definitely helpful that he was very patient and understanding during the instructions. He tells you exactly what you need to do when driving and how to fix it. Highly recommend.


Radford Hs

Uncle Marlo is very helpful & patient. I was very hesitant at first to seek professional help but I am glad that I did because I was able to obtain my license with the help of Uncle Marlo. His explanations were clear & gave me confidence while driving, he would also remind me to relax & stop doubting myself. I am very thankful for all the teachings of Uncle Marlo has taught me & highly recommend him.

Michelle B.

Maryville University

Thank you Uncle Marlo for helping me to get my driver's license. Without your help I would not have passed my roadtest. I'm really thankful for his patience & passion for helping people like me. I'm glad that he is my Instructor. I learned so much from him. I really appreciate his help & would highly recommend his service.

Lyngie S.


After so many years of practicing & trying to my license. I've failed many times, that is when I decided to seek for professional help. I meet Uncle Marlo from a friend that he is also helping. Did few lessons with him and finally got my license! I'm really thankful for his patience, dedication, and passion of helping people like me. He once told me, "my teaching is not about money, it's more about helping people to fulfill their dreams and being part of that is also my achievement."



Uncle Marlo is very kind & patient. I always work on the weekdays so I can only have driving lessons on weekend. I'm glad he's my driving instructor because he worked with my busy schedule. I learned a lot from him. He taught me how to drive safely & how to park parallel the easiest way. He did his best to teach me how to drive  & to finally get my driver's license. He is amazing instructor, highly recommend him.



Greatest appreciation to Uncle Marlo for helping me earn my license on my first try! He is very kind and patient during lessons, made sure I was able to understand everything and answered all my questions thoroughly. I'm so grateful that he was willing to me succeed even in the middle of a pandemic.  Such he was kind enough to make sure I knew how I could renew my permit remotely. He is also very quick and reliable to contact if you have any questions or concerns about anything on driving related and that is just some of the many highlights I've had working with Uncle Marlo. I highly recommend him. He will make sure you succeed and will not give up on you!



I'm very thankful that I had Uncle Marlo as my driving instructor. Without his help, I wouldn't have passed my road test on my first try. Driving with him will not be boring and confusing. He shares funny stories and gives clear instructions during the lessons. Not only he taught me how to drive but he also reminded me of some important life lessons that I surely need along the way.


Waipahu HS Senior Student body President

Huge thank you to Mr. Marlo for all the patience in the world & for helping me with passing my road test on my first try! Learning from him was so easy. I had one lesson before & another practice right before my road test to make sure I was ready & comfortable. And even if you're nervous, he's very kind, encouraging, & will talk you through your nerves. If you listen to him, you will be just fine. Thank you so much! I truly couldn't have done without you. Thank you for believing in me.  

Stacy M.


Thank you so much Uncle Marlo! He is very professional. He gave me clear and helpful instructions that were easy for me to understand! He is there to answer all my questions with great patience and Aloha. I couldn't pass my road test many times before I met Uncle Marlo. We had only 3 hours of lessons and I confidently passed my test. I really appreciate his help and I would highly recommend his service. 

Yuxin L.


With just 3 hours with Uncle Marlo, I passed my test the 1st try! The environment driving with him felt very comfortable. He treats you like a family. During the lessons, he will tell you what you did wrong & how many points would be knocked off during the scenario driving test. He is very understanding & patient with me. He would always explain how to do something without getting frustrated. I would not have been able to pass my test the 1st try without his help!! THANK YOU AGAIN!! You truly were a blessing & I could not have done this, this quick without you! 

Sarah C.

Salt Lake

Uncle Marlo is very helpful & patient. He thoroughly taught me what I needed to know to pass my road test. He knows exactly what can be improved & worked on. It was beneficial when he'd tell me my mistakes along with how many points are deducted if it was during the actual road test.. With only 4 lessons with him, I was able to pass my test on the first try. I really appreciate everything he has taught and done for me. Thank you.

Tyra T.


Uncle Marlo is very nice and patient.  I work full time so he scheduled me on my days off.  He picked me up and dropped me off at home.  He jokes around so I don't get nervous.  I am very comfortable with him.  I recommend him to all full-time working adults.

Desiree S.

Team Captain, Macy's (Pearlridge)

Uncle Marlo is very understanding & kind. He is patient & knew exactly how to help me improve. With each lesson, I could see that I was getting better with Uncle Marlo's help & I was able to pass my road test on my first try. You can see that he is passionate in helping his students learn and that he really cares. He is an amazing instructor & highly recommend him. 

Beryl B.


Kuya Marlo helped me get my drivers license. He worked with my schedule which is not easy because I worked 12 hours shift. I took the 6 hours driving

lesson with him & it was worth it. He was so patient with me. He taught me with safe driving techniques and easiest way to ace my parallel park which is my kryptonite!!. Sure enough, when I had my road test, the examiner made me parallel park and I passed it with flying colors. Thank you so much for your help Kuya Marlo!! God bless you.

Irene  A.  

Registered Nurse


I definitely am glad that Marlo helped teach me Honolulu Roads! Marlo taught me, attention to details in driving. I won it in my road test because of your instructions. I recommend you to Oahu residents. Very professional and motivational. Thank you.

Tess Timonial

Jen M.

Salt Lake

 Kuya Marlo is very patient that does not matter if I make a mistake. He will bring this in need as often. Thank you for all your support and recommendations.

Ruby B.

Salt Lake

Thank you Uncle Marlo for being patient and making the class fun. He was very thorough and helpful. Every time I had a driving lesson with him I get anxious to drive but once we are on the road, we just talk stories and he jokes around and made me feel comfortable.

Christiane S.


Marlo is the best Driving Instructor in the world! So kind! So patient! I just want to thank him for being the best "father like" and friend ever.

Jade N.


Adult's Driving Lesson